Comedienne Cameo Lawrence


Taking stages by storm, leaving everyone laughing, and wanting more! 

Cameo’s funny, high energy, crowd rocking style is something you have to see! 

Coming from the perspective of self proclaimed “COUGAR” Cameo most definitely does it better!  

Her material comes from a mixture of funny ideas, observations, and life experiences. 

Bringing everyone in to her performance is what she does best, making you feel like you are having a conversation with the funniest person you have ever met, instead of just watching a comedy performance.

But Cameo goes much deeper than that, a mother, an accomplished member of the military, a teacher, lifeguard, and successful business woman, her rich life experience all makes for a very very funny comedienne!

 Rocking comedy stages all over the country, and based in Hawaii, make sure you don’t miss her next show!  Keep up with all things Cameo here,

Images used by permission: contact EDUB Photography 

Shawn Felipe

Shawn Felipe America’s first Thai Stand up comic performs in Hawaii and around the world.  Don’t be surprised to see him out and about with the Comedy Hawaii crew this week.

Shawn Felipe Video – “Cheater’s”


Misha Han

Kristen Sprague