The comedyhawaii roast of Michael C. Hall

It’s the roast of Michael C. Hall! 
Need we say more?? Okay, we will! 
join us to celebrate Michael C. Hall’s Birthday, and F him in da A! 
In comedy, roasting those we love has been a long and honoured tradition. 
WE are holding nothing back! 

With your Roast Crew, 
Jhonny rox Hollywood
Scott Hanada
Ozell Daniel
Robert Moxley
Paul Kane 
Fernando Pacheco
Kristen Sprauge
Chad Wago
Anthony Nigrelli
Eddie Cavett
Johnny Sparkles 
Jesse Savio
and more! 

With Special Muscial Guests,
the Push-o-verse, 
Eptiome M.C. and more! 

and with Special Guest Roasters you dont wanna miss this!
Indigo will have specials all night long!

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