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(Lahaina, HI) – April 30, 2014 – From October 30th through November 2nd, the “Best Island
in the World” (according to Conde Nast Traveller readers) will play host to the first annual
Maui Comedy Festival. This event brings a three-day, multi-venue comedy showcase to the
historic town of Lahaina on the island of Maui. Attendees will have the chance to experience
more than 30 of today’s funniest and smartest comics, including Hannibal Buress, Reggie
Watts, Tig Notaro, Marc Maron and Aisha Tyler.
In addition to brilliant stand-up performances, the festival will feature unique events,
including a live taping of The Green Room with Paul Provenza, a special edition of This Is
Not Happening hosted by Ari Shaffir and live podcast recordings of Girl on Guy with Aisha
Tyler and The Crabfeast podcast with Jay Larson and Ryan Sickler.
The festival will take place at the most unique and iconic venues in Lahaina town, including
the 680-seat Maui Theater, home of the world-renowned ‘Ulalena show; the salty and
intimate Lahaina Yacht Club; and Fleetwood’s on Front St., the eponymous restaurant of
legendary Fleetwood Mac drummer, Mick Fleetwood. Fleetwood’s on Front St. will serve as
the festival’s centerpiece and main watering hole, where all three floors will be packed with
laughter – from stand-up on the rooftop at sunset to a genuine mainland comedy club vibe in
the cellar lounge.
“Maui is known for not just our natural beauty and world class hotels, but also first-rate
entertainment,” said Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa. “We have international film festivals, hula

shows, live concerts and now this A-list of visiting comedians. I look forward to attending the
Maui Comedy Festival myself and I encourage residents and visitors alike to do the same so
we can all laugh the night away together.”
VIP and early-bird passes are now on sale for $199 and $399. Both passes give full access to
the entire run of the festival – 3 nights and over 20+ shows. Individual tickets will go on sale
August 15th, 2014.
A complete list of artists as well as festival developments can be found at
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festival prep.
James Adomian
Nate Bargatze
Ahmed Bharoocha
Hannibal Buress
Michelle Buteau
Ron Funches
Todd Glass
Moshe Kasher
Kyle Kinane
Hari Kondabolu
Jay Larson
Natasha Leggero
Carmen Lynch
Marc Maron
Morgan Murphy
Aparna Nancherla
Mark Normand
Tig Notaro
Eddie Pepitone
Chris Porter
Greg Proops
Paul Provenza
Ari Shaffir
Kevin Shea
Ryan Sickler
Beth Stelling
Aisha Tyler
Sheng Wang
Reggie Watts
Ali Wong

Comedy Film Nerds GO LIVE in Hawaii

Comedy Film Nerds Podcast go LIVE in Hawaii.
Thurs. Jan 9th

It was an exciting night, the kind of night you just knew something was happening, you knew you were a part of something, that it self is part of much bigger things to come, in the same way someone in the east village in the early seventies felt when they were watching George Carlin, or seeing Sam Kinison in the early days of his meteoric rise, at the late night “blue” shows at the world famous Comedy Store in L.A.

James Mane and his Guys with issues crew were breaking in the brand new room at Hawaiian Brian’s, and they were doing it BIG.
By bringing in one of the Internet’s most popular comedy film podcast, the Comedy Film Nerds.
Comedy Film Nerds is Graham Elwood and Chris J. Mancini.
Both accomplished comedians, authors and film makers in their own right.
You may know Graham from his work with Doug Benson, or his self produced documentary “Laughganistan” 
You may know Chris from his book Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad, or his award winning short films, that can be found on his compilation dvd, Myopic Visions.
Together they are a cross between Monty Python and Siskel and Ebert, part comedy show, part film review show, this podcast is an entertaining hybrid of both.
Frequently featuring guests, from regulars to A-listers in the world of film,comedy,and podcasting,
Some of them include, Gregg Proops, Jakie Kashian, and Eddie Pepitone, just to name a few. The podcast has been so successful that Chris and Graham have written a book, The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies, based on the podcast, that features best and worst lists, of just about every movie Genre you can think of. In addition to this, Graham and Chris are also the master minds behind the most epic new development in Comedy in maybe decades, the L. A. PODFEST
Fans of this podcast in the Honolulu area were buzzing about it for weeks, excited to see the duo at work. It was equally as fun to see the new room at Hawaiian Brian’s in its first official show.

Walking in, it was a cool mellow vibe, with everyone very friendly, and the room comofortable, and set up great for this kind of experience.

After talking with friends we took our seats, and got ready for the show. As lights went down, and the Comedy Film Nerds theme


Chris Mancini, Graham Elwood, of Comedy Film Nerds,(left) Ruseel Kealoha, James Mane, of Guys with Issues, (right)

song hit, with the Comedy Film Nerds, iconic motto, “Han Shot First!”

Graham and Chris hit the stage, to rousing applause, and did not disappoint. They opened the show, with the basic back story of how they got to Hawaii, and how their experience had been so far. Chris was here having a good time on vacation with his family, and Graham had come in to headline the Guys With Issues Comedy Showcase on the upcoming Saturday night. They found out serendipitously that they were scheduled here at the same time, wa-la we have a live podcast in Honolulu.

I have to say the comedy chemistry these two share, in this art form, while just talking like a couple of your funniest friends, is a great example how good podcasting can be, and why it is gaining in popularity, while giving more traditional entertainment media a run for it’s money.

Working in just about everyone in the front 2 rows, they were masters at bringing in the crowd in on the event, and keeping everyone feeling like they were a part of the show.  Two of the stand outs were “Master Controller” and “Guy who was supposed to pick Chis up, but left him waiting in the lobby”

After a few minutes they brought up two of Hawaii’s local comedy podcasters and comedians, as well as promoters of this and the comedy show case the Guys With Issues.

Comprised of James Mane, Russell Keahola, and, Chad Wago, it’s a great, funny listen, that you can check out every Wednesday, at

James and Russel proved this, as the special guests, of Chris and Graham, watching them all come together was fun, and hilarious.

Talking about current movies, possible Oscar pics, and James Mane’s requested film “North Shore,” The podcast then went into movies filmed in Hawaii, and what the panel thought about those. After a kitten hands trivia prize give away, Graham opened up the floor for questions, which was really cool, and just took the live podcast experience for the audience to the next level. It was closed out on the question of “Favorite surf documentaries” where James and Graham get pretty deep into it. As they did you could tell how much Eddie Aikau and the entire surf culture in Hawaii means to Graham, and that was just amazing. If you enjoy interesting commentary, comedy, movies, or all of the above, this was a great experience that Honolulu definitely needs more of.

Check out the comedy film nerds podcast and so much more here!

Check out the Guys with issues here!


One of the greatest fictional characters ever has come back from the dead.

It’s not Jesus, it’s Brian Griffin!   braing

Family Guy faced backlash from fans when the FOX series killed off its popular martini-drinking, talking dog. .

Brian is the straight man to counteract all the crazy humans and his character’s chemistry with Stewie, the talking baby, constantly made for the best episodes of any given season. The sudden death of Brian made fans take to Twitter, where they mourned using the hashtag #RIPBrianGriffin.

Many stated they wished Meg Griffin (voiced by Mila Kunis) instead. Others shared an image of Brian sitting in a car between Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker. But the beloved canine has been resurrected and show creator Seth McFarlane took to Twitter after the season finale. He wrote, “And thus endeth our warm, fuzzy holiday lesson: Never take those you love for granted, for they can be gone in a flash.

” That was quickly followed by another tweet: “I mean, you didn’t really think we’d kill off Brian, did you? Jesus, we’d have to be fucking high.” Now that normality returned to Quahog, R.I., maybe now it’s time to appreciate Vinny, the Griffins’ temporary dog voiced by Tony Sirico, Jr., a.k.a. Paulie Gualtieri from The Sopranos. And like Seth said, it might also be time to appreciate the positive people in your own lives: friends, family, co-workers, etc. 2013 is over but gratitude is everlasting. Happy post holidays, comedy fans!

Jeremy Castillo is a comedian,writer, and all around hilarious guy! Keep up with him on twitter  (@JeremyCaStillOh) or facebook, ( and check for more of Jeremy’s great reviews



The beautiful thing about someone like Lou Reed…

By Writer, Comedian, Actor, Improviser, and doer of other cool things,

Jonny Sparkles,

“I was interested in subject matter that hadn’t been covered in pop and rock. I had dreams of writing certain kinds of things. I was influenced by Burroughs and Ginsberg. Raymond Chandler and Hubert Selby. I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do, except with a drum and guitar.’” — Lou Reed


It was so vivid. So clear. So evident. I could picture it as I went to sleep last night. Perhaps the most coherent thought I had all weekend. I’ve never even been to New York City, but for a brief moment, I felt myself there, walking down a quiet, dimly lit street. Passing abandoned newsstands and homeless people comfortably sleeping. Everyone I pass is peaceful, but no one is smiling. It’s beautiful, yet somber. Countless people in beanies smoke cigarettes as we knowingly glance at each other. We all have our headphones on. We’re all listening to “Walk On the Wild Side”. We’re all listening to “Satellite of Love”. We’re all listening to “Here She Comes Now”. We’re all listening to “Sweet Jane”. We’re all listening to “Perfect Day”. We’re all on “Heroin”. We’re all missing one of the most important and misunderstood artists in the history of rock, Lou Reed, who died Sunday at the age of 71. New York has lost another giant piece of its landscape and music has lost one of its essential folk heroes and distinct voices and faces.

I am not going to pretend that I was a huge fan of Reed’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan, but compared to what many of my friends, colleagues and other heroes know about him, I must admit that my knowledge pales in comparison. But I always admired him. His most famous song, “Walk On the Wild Side”, has always been special to me. It’s simply one of those rare tunes that takes me to another place. It’s more than just a song. It’s a transporter. Even before my musical tastes were anything close to decent, I always knew that song had it all. It made me feel like I was traveling to New York and hanging out with cool people. The kind of cool people who weren’t like the cool people where I came from. And that beat. The song has it all. It’s a soul song. It’s a rock song. It’s a funk song. That might help explain why so many rap artists have rhymed over it, through the years.

Mr. Reed worked and hung with everyone from Bowie to Warhol. The Gorillaz to Metallica. And influenced countless more. Brian Eno famously said that the Velvet Underground’s first album only sold 30,000 copies, but that every person who bought it, ended up starting their own band. This has always made perfect sense to me. Lou Reed excelled in making exactly the kind of music that only true artists and music obsessives could recognize as brilliant. The term “avant garde” gets thrown around a lot, but it’s probably a lot more easily explained. If you’re not into things like poetry and art, a lot of his catalog may be lost on you. Scoff at this notion if you must, but keep in mind how few of your friends share your appreciation for his work. Reed himself made fun of the very critics who seemed to relish not “getting” what he was producing. I’ll even admit that I don’t get everything that he put out. Some of it was lost on me, too. And it was that risk taking and mystery that made him that much more interesting to me.

My first exposure to Lou beyond hearing “Wild Side” on the radio and an occasional VU song here and there, was watching his challenging appearances on 120 Minutes, a wonderful show on MTV that played tons of stuff that you would never otherwise see on MTV. He seemed as excited to talk about music as he was grumpy to be there and I found it charming. I felt like he was a big fan of integrity and believed in only giving credit to those who truly deserved it. I can’t really argue with those traits. I would highly recommend watching the American Masters documentary Rock and Roll Heart, to find out more about what made the man tic and why so many great artists consider him to be a genius and one of the greatest poets of his time. Nothing I could write here will leave you with a greater impression than watching that will.

I’ll close this by saying that the music world feels a lot colder today, but there is always hope. The radio may largely ignore artists and poets in this day and age, but I assure you that a lot of individuals are still making breathtaking, one of a kind music out there. Search for it and you will find parts of yourself that you may have forgotten about. Lou Reed may have been the most famous underground artist of all time. But there are scores of his followers waiting for you to unearth them. We may not ever have another exactly like Lou, but I’m sure he would want you to discover some of his contemporaries and give them their just due, even if he never quite received his. Not in a grand sense anyway. The beautiful thing about someone like Lou Reed, though, is that it seems like all the people who were born to be touched by him, indeed got to experience his magic.

Now I’m out there on the street and looking forward and smiling and remembering him. And I’m listening to “What’s Good”. I recommend you do the same. It’s my personal eulogy to him, written by the man himself:

“What good are these thoughts that I’m thinking? It must be better not to be thinking at all A Styrofoam lover with emotions of concrete No, not much, not much at all…

What’s good? Life’s good What’s good? Life’s good, but not fair at all”

Thank you, Mr. Reed.

And now, a few thoughts about the man from some of my favorite people:

@mitdasein – “Lou Reed may be my saddest non-suicide celebrity death.”

@Billy (Corgan) – “Saddened by the news of the passing of Lou Reed. Always so kind and sweet to me in the times we met. A true artist and visionary.

Mike Ness – “I grew up with Lou Reed’s music. I had his records when kids my age were still listening to Elton John. I’m sorry to see him go.”

Morrissey – “No words to express the sadness at the death of Lou Reed. He had been there all my life. He will always be pressed to my heart.”

@stevendrozd – “My all time favorite Lou Reed moment is the second verse of ‘Sunday Morning’, when his voice gets washed in reverb. RIP Lou.”

@mshowalter – “To this day his music has not lost one ounce of edge.”

@TheRichardLewis – “Lou Reed, my friend, a genius who transcended Rock. My condolences to his family. A poet first, he performed like a hit-man on a mission.”

@marcmaron – “He made it gritty and beautiful for everyone. #genius”

@GregProops – “Lou Reed reads the universe poetry.”

@ThatKevinSmith – “an un-Perfect Day”

Also a final special thanks to Michael C. Hall of Comedy Hawaii for asking me and inspiring me to write this. Here’s something great that he wrote about Lou Reed’s passing:

“Less and less in this ‘brave new world’ do we find true antiheroes, people who give the middle finger to the mainstream and who are willing to go to the depths of human experiences, places you or I might be afraid to go, and bring back raw beauty in all its unfettered ugliness. A voice for the suicidal addict that is as majestic and inspiring as angels’ songs.”

-Jonny Sparkles

read more from him here, 

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and love him here





Katt Williams Review,

Katt Williams brings laughter and hilarity to the biggest comedy show of the year.
Katt Willams rocked it on Saturday night, plain and simple.
This is was one of the best comedy shows Honolulu has ever seen, and that is no exaggeration.
Capone is well known for putting on the biggest comedy shows in Hawaii, numbers, and name recognition wise, and Saturday night might have just been the best yet.
From the seating that the Blaidsdell did such a good job of setting up, to the VIP areas, the back stage areas, as well as ticket entrances, the full red carpet experience, and more you can tell that Capone and his team put a great amount of thought in trying to provide every single ticket holder the best possible time they could have.
Katt arrived just a few minutes before he was set to go on, before the capacity crowd.
In the 7:00 m hour Capone brought out Amateur local talent, giving them an opportunity to get a feel for the big stage in a big room.
Then Rick Rock and crew came out and entertained the crowd with the basic club hype style.
Playing R&B and Hip Hop jams, and getting the place pumped up for Katt.
The opening act was local legend Champ Kaneshiro, and while allot of his jokes you have heard by other comedians before, his hi energy and experience kept the crowd happy, and seemed like a great choice for opener.
Then it was time for the man of the hour…
Rumors were going around that he might not be there, or that he wasn’t in Hawaii at all, but all were proven nonsense as he was introduced by Rick, and hit the stage with a sonic boom, ala Katt Williams.
Dressed in a sunshine yellow Aloha shirt, black jeans and Nike sneaks, sporting a Ku kui nut lei, Katt was ready to entertain the crowd of well over 6000.
Starting out by saying that he had “waited 5 years to come back to Hawaii, and after waiting that long it’s easy to be disappointed” he then said, ” But y’all have most definitely stepped it up! Thank you Hawaii!”
Then doing humor about local life, touching on shopping, the natural beauty, and even the homeless, his laser beam wit, next level performance, and ultra ability to relate showed the audience they were in for an amazing ride for the next hour.
Touching on topics as diverse as Syria, his family, weed, his recent trouble with law enforcement, and just about everything in between, Katt had everyone rolling the entire time.
One of the very notable things about his show, is that there was no downtime.
for the entire hour and about ten minutes, his energy, and enthusiasm wore off on the crowd, and went by extremely fast.
With tons of physical humor to match the entirely new hour plus worth of material, the work Katt has put in to give us his best set of comedy, maybe ever, is paying off.
After wrapping the show with a “personal story” he left the stage to roaring applause.
Many in his backstage entourage, informed him of the HANA HOU chants that Hawaii is famous for. Katt then ran back out on stage graciously thanked everyone again, and then made his way out of the building.
A professional, a showman, a truly gifted comedian, these are thoughts that everyone we spoke to were left with, as the night came to an end.
Thanks to the Katt team, and Capone’s team for such a great night of comedy.
We look forward to the next one.


Top 5 (Comedy Central) Roasts Roasts are how comedians express their appreciation for one of their brethren or somebody in another form of entertainment. Since the early 2000s, Comedy Central has produced their own roasts, honoring several celebrities via deluge of insults. James Franco, star of films such as Spring Breakers and This Is The End, was roasted Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 2) but if you’re in the mood to reminisce,  here is a look back on some of the beset.

Honorable Mention: Joan Rivers – August 9, 2009 Joan Rivers is has one of the biggest, most brazen mouths in Hollywood so a roast seemed right up her alley. But the striking thing about this roast wasn’t how many people it alienated as much as it was the people it included. Joan Rivers has a legendarily big fan base of gay men, as does the roastmaster Kathy Griffin; there were many jokes about gay issues but from the angle of a knowledgeable joker than an ignorant outsider. And the very gay Mario Cantone made his first appearance on a Comedy Central roast ever, despite being on shows such as Comedy Central Presents and Premium Blend in the network’s infancy. Although this roast has not made it to DVD release, it’s still worth watching. The dais is pretty funny and raunchy thanks to the likes of Gilbert Godfried, Greg Giraldo, and Jeff Roast but it’s more of a commentary on how diverse the entertainment business (and hence, America) has become in just the past couple decades.


5) Pamela Anderson – August 14, 2005  pam roast Comedy Central knew there would be a day when they had to choose a woman to be roasted and Pamela Anderson is perhaps the perfect choice. She was an iconic American sex symbols in the 1990s (despite her Canadian birthplace) and somehow managed to turn bad publicity into an opportunity her whole career. Ironically, the comedians seemed to throw their sharpest insults toward Courtney Love, who was so wasted on camera, it’s surprising the FCC didn’t complain. However Anderson kept her calm while being roasted and even played along with the dais, which included the likes of Bea Arthur, Nick DiPaolo, and the late Greg Giraldo as well as roastmaster Jimmy Kimmel. If you watch enough roasts, you can tell which guests actually have thick skin and which ones pretend but Pamela Anderson was the picture of grace on this night, so kudos to her.


4) Donald Trump – March 15, 2011 Donald Trump has never been known for his self-aware sense of humor. But he is a self-worshiping, combover-having, airline and casino-bankrupting camera whore, so that’s the next best thing. Sometimes when you want Oreos, you have to eat Hydrox. That said, the Trump roast did bring out some big names such as Larry King, Snoop Dogg (long before he became Snoop Long), and “The Situation” Mike Sorrentino (whose legendary bombing was cut before airing) from Jersey Shore. The Trump roast is also looked back as helping launch the career of Anthony Jeselnik, who once said life changed like “night and day” after this night. Jeselnik made his name launching some of the darkest material from that night. At one point, he told Trump the only difference between him and “Michael Douglas from the movie Wall Street is nobody will be sad when you get cancer.” The joke rocked Trump’s phony tough-skin facade and even got a visceral reaction from Jack Jason, the interpreter for dais member and deaf actress Marlee Matlin.


3) William Shatner – August 20, 2006 Some roasts have strange mixtures of celebrities, such as the Jeff Foxworthy roast from 2005, but this one had spot-on casting. William Shatner is beloved for many shows such as T.J. Hooker and Boston Legal but his legacy will always be that of Captain Kirk fromStar Trek. Comedy Central knew which hand they needed to play and hiring former Trek stars such as George Takei and Nichelle Nichols to be on the dais along with stand-up comedian and nerd idol Patton Oswalt. But the show also featured bona-fire Hollywood stars from Shatner’s past such as Betty White, Fred Willard, and the late Farrah Fawcett (who put on an intoxicated performance that rivals Courtney Love’s from the year previous). It’s said you can tell how much a famous person is loved by how famous the people are that come out to honor you. Shatner got not only a star-studded dais but had celebrities of many types there to watch such as Jeri Ryan, country musician Brad Paisley, and stars of Reno 911.



2) Flavor Flav – August 12, 2007 flavroast Flavor Flav was one of the most talked-about celebrities in 2007, thanks to his crazy antics on his reality show, Flavor of Love. Comedy Central decided that was why he should be roasted, not his work in Public Enemy, arguably one of the most important rap groups in American history. This roast is great because it helped expose Katt Williams to an even bigger audience. Williams was already a draw at this time but his time as roastmaster for this roast helped him crossover to mainstream success. The experience even gave him new material; Williams reflects on the backstage drama of this night on his 2008 special, It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’.



1) Bob Saget – August 16, 2008 This is still the undisputed king of Comedy Central roasts. Once Bob Saget starred as Danny Tanner in Full House, children across the country saw Saget as a clean-cut, white-bread wholesome guy instead of one of the filthiest comedians you will ever hear. With his fellow Full House star and real-life friend John Stamos as roastmaster, Saget got hammered with some of the most cringe-inducing comedy ever aired, including jokes about him having sex with his underage co-stars. bobroast Two comedians deserve major props here. One is Brian Posehn, who was called in at the last minute and still churned out an excellent set; had he not said this onstage, nobody would have known otherwise. The other comedian who shined bright was Norm McDonald. After some career and personal trouble, McDonald returned to the stage, delivering one of the most wry, ironic, and deliciously deadpan sets you’ll ever see. It still slays me as much as the first time, even five years later.


Worst Roast: Jeff Foxworthy – March 20, 2005  Before continuing, I must say that I’m a big Jeff Foxworthy fan. He’s a good storyteller and a smart businessman, knowing who his fans are and giving them what they want. He once had the best selling comedy album ever and made lots of money doing clean comedy. That said, it’s weird that his roast ended up being so terrible. The single biggest problem was the utter lack of chemistry between comics who were and weren’t good friends with Foxworthy. It was like watching National League players trying to roast a designated hitter. For example, Ron White is not a clean comic so he fit in with the environment and Larry The Cable Guy turned up the mean factor on this night. They seemed the most comfortable onstage because of their history with Foxworthy. However, the other comedians seemed to just be there because Comedy Central gave them a check. Greg Giraldo was constantly funny on roasts but fell flat here because he seemed reserved about ripping Foxworthy, perhaps due to professional respect. Lisa Lampinelli was the worst dais member because nobody felt less simpatico with the Blue Collar comedians. You can’t have someone that crass with notably clean comedians; it’s a recipe for disaster. The worst part of the night was the awful George W. Bush impersonator that tanked whatever momentum the show had built so far. Not only was he not funny but roasts are not the time for political humor. I’m sure this, like the dais lineup, seemed like a good idea on paper but in practice, it was bungled. And that’s too bad because Foxworthy deserves Better.



Podcast host Pete Holmes returns with another hour long special, Nice Try, The Devil.

Since his last outing, 2011’s Impregnated With Wonder, Holmes has gained more notoriety thanks to You Made It Weird, his podcast, and numerous appearances on the late-night talk-show circuit. If you haven’t seen him, he will definitely sound familiar as Holmes voice of the E-Trade baby. He also has written for television shows such as Outsourced on NBC and I Hate My Teenage Daughter on FOX.1258762

In the two years since Wonder, Holmes honed his laser-accurate observation skills to jazz up deceptively simple premises. Holmes has the first actually funny “cats and dogs are different” bit since the Reagan administration. People whose parents had cats (like Holmes’ and mine) will relate to how awkward it is not being used to dogs.

Holmes also discusses religion but not in the acerbic way of other comedians such as Doug Stanhope or Bill Maher. Holmes waxes about teetering between believer and skeptic and the validity of both mindsets, capping it off with a bit about masturbation and the Rature.

Even telemarketers, a target for comedians since the days of Hammer pants, make into a set recorded in 2013. But instead of the normal vitriol, Holmes suggests having fun with those calls. “If you don’t swear or threaten them, they can’t hang up!” may be the most freeing piece of advice a comic will ever dole out.

The thing about Holmes that grabs you is his geniune, tangible nice-guy persona. Some comics act happier or gloomier than their everyday mindset but Holmes, whether on stage, writing tweets, or posting Vine videos, seems to radiate a positive energy, which only adds to the appeal of his already strong material.

Fans of Holmes get see him even more thanks to The Pete Holmes Show, which debuts Monday, October 28 on TBS (Basic cable: Channel 28/Digital: Channel 553). The new talk show is produced by fellow TBS star and Massachusetts native Conan O’Brien.


Jeremy Castillo is a comedian,writer, and all around hilarious guy! Keep up with him on twitter  (@JeremyCaStillOh) or facebook, ( and check for more of Jeremy’s great reviews 615473_10152233973715013_1571985875_o


Josh Gad Tapped to Play Kinison in new biopic

Sam Kinison will be getting the film version of his life’s story told in a new biopic to start filming soon. 

Still in the casting process, the star of the film will be comedy actor and stand up comic Josh Gad.

You may know Josh from his brief stint on the Daily Show, his starring role as Skip Gilchrist on 1600, or on Broadway starring in the tour de force, Book of Mormon.

A young star on the rise, Josh is poised to do great things in the world of comedy and acting. 

Kinison, will start in the Mid 80’s with Sam making the transition from Pentecostal preacher, to stand up comic, and continue to his untimely death in 1998.

The Biopic will be based on the book Brother Sam, written by Sam Kinison’s brother Bill Kinison. 

Widley considered a genious comic, and one of this authors comic inspirations, this film, which will be directed by Larry Charles, director of Borat, Bruno, and underground movies such as Masked Anonymous, is something I know the entire comedy world will be waiting to see.




Local Boy JONAH RAY gets comedy central show!

Kailua boy Turned L. A. Comic and Actor, Jonah Ray, will be debuting a new stand up comedy themed show on Comedy Central in April! jonah-ray

Teaming up with the very funny Kumail Nanjiani, The Show will be called  “Meltdown With Jonah and Kumail” 

It will feature live stand up performances by Comedy A-listers and Stand ups hottest up and comers.

Showing behind the scenes, and green room scenes, this is a great concept, as it is all filmed in the back of a comic book store in L.A.

Continuing on from the weekly live stand up shows already taking place there, The show will also be produced by Hollywood big timer, Ben Stiller.

Jonah is probably known most for being the “Bing it on” guy from those bing commercials.

He is also currently the co-host of one the most popular podcasts in the world, with Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira, THE NERDIST.

His most recent appearance on Comedy Central was his own half-hour special, check a clip of it out here!


Lovable geek giant Brian Posehn returns to the stage in The Fartist, delving into topics such as being a
new dad, turning forty, and life on the road.

Posehn starts off riffing about quitting weed and fatherhood changing his approach to comedy. He calls
back to an old bit where he would let people punch his baby if be ever talked about parenting on stage. Of
course having a son made his opinion changed. Posehn also ponders what it will mean to be a nerdy dad
with an obsession with Star Wars.
Some of the most thorough stories are about getting older. Posehn gives painstaking detail about an
errant fart leaving a terrible first impression on Christian Slater and how certain body parts don’t work the
same way as before.
One of the best bits is how older gentlemen should tell random younger guys what will happen during the
aging process.
Another great bit is Posehn discussing how he handles married life while touring. Posehn discusses his
wife worry about him having affairs on the road. His punchline is both sweet and self-deprecating, hard
traits to meld yet Posehn pulls it off weell.
Longtime fans will notice much more mature material in The Fartist (no matter how oxymoronic that
sounds). Posehn still injects his nerdy, comic-book reading metalhead persona but each joke is more
grounded and understated than in previous specials.
New Wave Entertainment produced this special which is exclusive to Netflix. Posehn joins a short but
growing list of comedians–such as Bill Burr, Craig Ferguson, and Aziz Ansari–who have released
material through the streaming service. Considering the Netflix app’s popularity on Xbox 360, he could tap
into an entirely new generation of comedy fan who don’t remember “Just Shoot Me!”

Check out The Fartist now:

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