George Carlin was most known the “7 Words You Can’t Say on Television” but his reputation goes far beyond his any single joke.

Carlin was considered the comedian’s comedian of his generation. Despite being on TV since the 1950s, Carlin’s career started booming in the 1970s. He was arrested for obscenity during a performance in 1972, generating nationwide press for his civil disobedience. On stage, Carlin liked discussing idiosyncrasies in American culture. His classic “Seven words” bit juxtaposed Americans’ sensitivity to crass language on television despite the violent, bloody footage that aired during the Vietnam War.

Carlin also appeared in many movies. He played a Rufus in the Bill & Ted series, a cab driver in Car Wash, voiced Fillmore in Cars, and appeared in three Kevin Smith movies: Dogma, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl.

In addition to a dozen-plus HBO specials, Carlin also hosted the first-ever episode of Saturday Night Life in 1975; played George O’Grady on the short-lived George Carlin Show; and narrated Thomas: The Tank Engine and Friends during its four-year run. Carlin was named ranked #2 in Comedy Central’s 100 greatest comedians of all-time, trailing only Richard Pryor.

He also published 3 books, 2 of wich won grammy’s and one that was critically acclaimed best seller they are, in chronological order,

Brain Droppings, Napalm & Silly Putty, and When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops.

Carlin racked up numerous Grammy Awards for Best Comedy Recording over a span of 25 years. The first came in 1972 for FM & AM . In 1993, Carlin won again for Jammin’ in New York. In 2001 and 2002, he won back-to-back Grammys for Brain Droppings and Napalm & Silly Putty, respectively.

His final Grammy came posthumously in 2009 for It’s Bad for Ya.

Widely considered one of the best comics to ever live, his ability to use the english language as a tool for thought, and laughter is something that he did better than anyone else, influencing a generation of comedians to follow in his foot steps.

Carlin passed away from heart failure on June 22, 2008.

ComedyHawaii and Bar Seven have honored thier comic with a drink named after him on the HAHA Happy hour menu, Ingredients: Vodka, Schnapps, and Sprite


Kaleo Naiga wants to make you laugh!

Hitting the scene like a tornado a little over a year ago, it’s easy to see why he is blowing up!  Coining the phrase Naiga-riffic, bringing a whole new style to comedy in Hawaii, and making everyone laugh with him, THIS IS ONE HOT COMEDIAN!


Kaleo’s comedy is a mix of local, urban, and physical comedy, that makes for one entertaining show!

When asked about what got him into comedy, he says,

“I love to make people laugh, and I love to hustle so Stand-up comedy was a natural thing for me to get into.”

Kaleo has already built a strong following with fans all over Hawaii, bringing hats, t-shirts, and stickers, all with his trademarked moniker,

you simply wont forget the first time you saw Kaleo Naiga perform!

Kaleo is truly a local 2.0, a local boy through through with an uncanny sense, to cross over and make audiences laugh all across America, and beyond!

Poised to be the biggest thing coming out of Hawaii, since the 5-0, make sure you take the chance to see him now, before his shows are completely sold out!

you can check him out at!

Dallas Gwynn Comedy Spotlight!

Dallas Gwynn is Comedy with a PUNCH! Dallas Gwynn, Winner fo the Comedy bowl

A self described military brat from “all over” Dallas brings her experience to the stage, and leaves nothing out!

Winner of the Eugene OR. Funniest Female competition, and most recently Winner of the ComedyHawaii Comedy Bowl, watch out for this young star on the rise!

“I got into to comedy, after I was heartbroken from being dumped and I used it as a way to fight the depression”  -Dallas Gwynn

“I feel life is shitty a lot, and it would be really embarrassing, if I didn’t laugh at it, without comedy, I probably have to kill myself!”   -Dallas Gwynn

With her comedy all based in her everyday life, it’s easy to see why people feel a connection with her, and can’t stop laughing!

Already developing a strong following on the Hawaii Comedy scene, Dallas is poised to be the next big thing in Hawaii Comedy!

She describes her long term goals as “wanting to be able to super size it,” and “eventually getting a car”. Dallas Gwinn @bar7 comedy club

Dallas is the type of comedian who does this because she loves everything about it, from the people, to the venue’s and her fellow comics, Dallas is going to be rocking stages for a long time, and bringing a great show to everyone that is there to see it.

When asked if she had anything motivational to leave us with she had this to say,

” I am not really one of those inspirational comics, so just insert inspirational quote here.”

Check with the web, facebook and twitter to keep up with all thing DALLAS!


Robert Moxley comedy spotlight!

Hailing from Connecticut  and making his home in Hawaii, Robert Moxley is an edgy all original Comedian rocking stages and taking no prisoners! 

A  creative comic, writer, Vice President of operations for, Navy Intelligence officer, and creator and producer of his own show on YouTube,

What the Grill.

Robert is making a splash on the comedy scene in a big way! 

Robert’s comedy is always edgy, riding the line, and sometimes offending, only to bring it back, to laughter and applause from diverse audiences all over the U.S..


 Drawing on his life experiences, comic books, and the lament of modern culture, Roberts comedy is not for the faint of heart!  

Robert has worked with A-list comics, such as Brad Williams, K-von, Luke Francis, Steve-O and more, a trained improv veteran, with acting in local films and plays, rocking the tough stages, Robert knows how to get the comedy job done!  

Check out some of his show, WHAT THE GRILL, Here! 

And Make sure to keep up with him on facebook here!


Comedienne Cameo Lawrence


Taking stages by storm, leaving everyone laughing, and wanting more! 

Cameo’s funny, high energy, crowd rocking style is something you have to see! 

Coming from the perspective of self proclaimed “COUGAR” Cameo most definitely does it better!  

Her material comes from a mixture of funny ideas, observations, and life experiences. 

Bringing everyone in to her performance is what she does best, making you feel like you are having a conversation with the funniest person you have ever met, instead of just watching a comedy performance.

But Cameo goes much deeper than that, a mother, an accomplished member of the military, a teacher, lifeguard, and successful business woman, her rich life experience all makes for a very very funny comedienne!

 Rocking comedy stages all over the country, and based in Hawaii, make sure you don’t miss her next show!  Keep up with all things Cameo here,

Images used by permission: contact EDUB Photography 

Shawn Felipe

Shawn Felipe America’s first Thai Stand up comic performs in Hawaii and around the world.  Don’t be surprised to see him out and about with the Comedy Hawaii crew this week.

Shawn Felipe Video – “Cheater’s”


Misha Han

Kristen Sprague

The Fernando Pacheco interview

Aloha Fernando, thanks for taking the time to talk with us today,

You have been very busy latley, and we are excited to hear you every morning on Kpoi with your new show “the Walk of Shame”
Tell us a little bit about the concept behind the show, and what format can the listeners expect to hear?


Music is the bottom line. “The Walk of Shame” isn’t about being some whacky over the top morning show. It’s not about me being a star. Listeners can expect the same variety of KPOI music with me to keep them company and help them get through the God forsaken hours we know as the morning.

Cool, have you always wanted an opportunity like this, or did it just happen organically?

My entire career in radio has been “right place, right time.” My cousin, Sam the Man on 102.7 Da Bomb has always been the radio guy in my family. I took a job in radio promotions in 2001 and since then, I am fortunate to have been discovered as an on-air talent and presented with opportunity after opportunity.

What are you planning to do, to stand out from the morning show landscape in Hawaii?

There are a few things that set me apart from other morning personalities on Honolulu’s rock stations. For one, I’m local – Hawaii born and raised. I will give a local perspective where others have failed. I also bring rock credibility to the station. I am a performing veteran of such festivals as the Vans Warped Tour and SXSW. I am also a 4-time Na Hoku Hanohano Award nominee. Let’s just say that when I talk about music… I know what I’m talking about.


CHOCOLATE SQUIRREL, Jennifer Waihee, Fernando Pacheco, John Waihee IV.

Ferns Comedy Record, Available on Pass Out Records.

for those that might not know, you do Sketch, Improv, and have a solid stand up career working, with that being said, how has that training prepped you for this?

I can write under pressure. We have sessions at KPOI where we throw out ideas and come up with various radio copy. My experience in comedy writing gives me the confidence and knowhow to write in a room full of people and with microphones on. I can bang out a script anywhere.

of the three, which form of comedy, do you feel has helped you the most, as a radio dj?

Improv. It all starts with improv.

You are also an accomplished musician with your band pimpbot, and have toured literally around the world, do you feel that has informed or helped you in this new career path?

Yes, it’s given me a world perspective. Even though I’m a boy from Waianae. I can hold my own, whether it be speaking to randoms in Waikiki or in the streets of Tokyo or Prague. With all my experiences, I feel that I can relate to everyone on at least some type of level.

Did you grow up listening to radio? who were some of your influences on air?

I grew up listening whatever radio my mom had playing in the car. Mostly contemporary and Christian stations. In high school, I tried listening to a radio station that I identified with and ironically it was KPOI. Radio Free was a big part of my high school years too but it was more about the music than the DJs for me. Sound familiar?

Speaking of influences, there is more comedy, and music available now, than ever before, do you feel there are any comics, or comedy shows or even musical forces, that might influence the show?

I think the most talented radio personality out there right now is Mike Catherwood, host of Loveline. He has a history on KROQ, has paid his dues, has tons of talent, and it all shows.

There are a couple of other Dj’s signing on to KPOI as well, can you tell us a little bit about them?
I’m very fortunate to join these two men. Haz-Matt and O-Dogg are both KPOI alumni. I’m actually the new guy in this situation. O-Dogg is a… unique individual. This guy eats, breathes and shits radio. Plus he can ix a mean cocktail. Haz-Matt is a guy’s guy… if that guy is a nerd. He is all-knowing in the world of sci-fi, comic book based pop culture and the like. I love that guy.

Thanks so much Fernando!
is there anything you would like to leave the readers with?

Thanks for reading this. I owe you all 2 and a half minutes.

and how can we find you? and when should we tune in?

For all things Fernando, go to and my radio show, “The Walk of Shame” is on every morning from 6am – 10am from Monday – Friday on 105.9 KPOI, the rock you live on!

A big Mahalo to Fernando Pacheco! and remember to tune in every weekday in the morning to KPOI for “The Walk of Shame!”

Wahts the grill with ROBERT MOXLEY

What the grill is the new Exciting show from comedian, and Foodie, Robert Moxley!
What the Grill Takes cooking, and convience and turns your ideas of it, UPSIDE DOWN!
Robert takes a simple everyday counter top grill and makes meals, that seem more like miracles!
From an entire Thanks Giving Dinner, to Eggs Benedict, or a traditional Italian meal, deconstructed,
WHAT THE GRILL, will have you learning,and saying, WHAT THE GRILL?!?!?!
Accomplished stand up comedian, Video game wizard, and self proclaimed George Forman grill Ninja, Robert will take you on a journey that is extreme, funny, and educational all without leaving the Kitchen!
If you or any of your friends live in a dorm, are in the military, or just want quick and easy ways to cook delicious gourmet food on your coutertop, then you just cant miss any amazing episodes of….