Comedy Film Nerds GO LIVE in Hawaii

Comedy Film Nerds Podcast go LIVE in Hawaii.
Thurs. Jan 9th

It was an exciting night, the kind of night you just knew something was happening, you knew you were a part of something, that it self is part of much bigger things to come, in the same way someone in the east village in the early seventies felt when they were watching George Carlin, or seeing Sam Kinison in the early days of his meteoric rise, at the late night “blue” shows at the world famous Comedy Store in L.A.

James Mane and his Guys with issues crew were breaking in the brand new room at Hawaiian Brian’s, and they were doing it BIG.
By bringing in one of the Internet’s most popular comedy film podcast, the Comedy Film Nerds.
Comedy Film Nerds is Graham Elwood and Chris J. Mancini.
Both accomplished comedians, authors and film makers in their own right.
You may know Graham from his work with Doug Benson, or his self produced documentary “Laughganistan” 
You may know Chris from his book Pacify Me: A Handbook for the Freaked Out New Dad, or his award winning short films, that can be found on his compilation dvd, Myopic Visions.
Together they are a cross between Monty Python and Siskel and Ebert, part comedy show, part film review show, this podcast is an entertaining hybrid of both.
Frequently featuring guests, from regulars to A-listers in the world of film,comedy,and podcasting,
Some of them include, Gregg Proops, Jakie Kashian, and Eddie Pepitone, just to name a few. The podcast has been so successful that Chris and Graham have written a book, The Comedy Film Nerds Guide to Movies, based on the podcast, that features best and worst lists, of just about every movie Genre you can think of. In addition to this, Graham and Chris are also the master minds behind the most epic new development in Comedy in maybe decades, the L. A. PODFEST
Fans of this podcast in the Honolulu area were buzzing about it for weeks, excited to see the duo at work. It was equally as fun to see the new room at Hawaiian Brian’s in its first official show.

Walking in, it was a cool mellow vibe, with everyone very friendly, and the room comofortable, and set up great for this kind of experience.

After talking with friends we took our seats, and got ready for the show. As lights went down, and the Comedy Film Nerds theme


Chris Mancini, Graham Elwood, of Comedy Film Nerds,(left) Ruseel Kealoha, James Mane, of Guys with Issues, (right)

song hit, with the Comedy Film Nerds, iconic motto, “Han Shot First!”

Graham and Chris hit the stage, to rousing applause, and did not disappoint. They opened the show, with the basic back story of how they got to Hawaii, and how their experience had been so far. Chris was here having a good time on vacation with his family, and Graham had come in to headline the Guys With Issues Comedy Showcase on the upcoming Saturday night. They found out serendipitously that they were scheduled here at the same time, wa-la we have a live podcast in Honolulu.

I have to say the comedy chemistry these two share, in this art form, while just talking like a couple of your funniest friends, is a great example how good podcasting can be, and why it is gaining in popularity, while giving more traditional entertainment media a run for it’s money.

Working in just about everyone in the front 2 rows, they were masters at bringing in the crowd in on the event, and keeping everyone feeling like they were a part of the show.  Two of the stand outs were “Master Controller” and “Guy who was supposed to pick Chis up, but left him waiting in the lobby”

After a few minutes they brought up two of Hawaii’s local comedy podcasters and comedians, as well as promoters of this and the comedy show case the Guys With Issues.

Comprised of James Mane, Russell Keahola, and, Chad Wago, it’s a great, funny listen, that you can check out every Wednesday, at

James and Russel proved this, as the special guests, of Chris and Graham, watching them all come together was fun, and hilarious.

Talking about current movies, possible Oscar pics, and James Mane’s requested film “North Shore,” The podcast then went into movies filmed in Hawaii, and what the panel thought about those. After a kitten hands trivia prize give away, Graham opened up the floor for questions, which was really cool, and just took the live podcast experience for the audience to the next level. It was closed out on the question of “Favorite surf documentaries” where James and Graham get pretty deep into it. As they did you could tell how much Eddie Aikau and the entire surf culture in Hawaii means to Graham, and that was just amazing. If you enjoy interesting commentary, comedy, movies, or all of the above, this was a great experience that Honolulu definitely needs more of.

Check out the comedy film nerds podcast and so much more here!

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