Katt Williams Review,

Katt Williams brings laughter and hilarity to the biggest comedy show of the year.
Katt Willams rocked it on Saturday night, plain and simple.
This is was one of the best comedy shows Honolulu has ever seen, and that is no exaggeration.
Capone is well known for putting on the biggest comedy shows in Hawaii, numbers, and name recognition wise, and Saturday night might have just been the best yet.
From the seating that the Blaidsdell did such a good job of setting up, to the VIP areas, the back stage areas, as well as ticket entrances, the full red carpet experience, and more you can tell that Capone and his team put a great amount of thought in trying to provide every single ticket holder the best possible time they could have.
Katt arrived just a few minutes before he was set to go on, before the capacity crowd.
In the 7:00 m hour Capone brought out Amateur local talent, giving them an opportunity to get a feel for the big stage in a big room.
Then Rick Rock and crew came out and entertained the crowd with the basic club hype style.
Playing R&B and Hip Hop jams, and getting the place pumped up for Katt.
The opening act was local legend Champ Kaneshiro, and while allot of his jokes you have heard by other comedians before, his hi energy and experience kept the crowd happy, and seemed like a great choice for opener.
Then it was time for the man of the hour…
Rumors were going around that he might not be there, or that he wasn’t in Hawaii at all, but all were proven nonsense as he was introduced by Rick, and hit the stage with a sonic boom, ala Katt Williams.
Dressed in a sunshine yellow Aloha shirt, black jeans and Nike sneaks, sporting a Ku kui nut lei, Katt was ready to entertain the crowd of well over 6000.
Starting out by saying that he had “waited 5 years to come back to Hawaii, and after waiting that long it’s easy to be disappointed” he then said, ” But y’all have most definitely stepped it up! Thank you Hawaii!”
Then doing humor about local life, touching on shopping, the natural beauty, and even the homeless, his laser beam wit, next level performance, and ultra ability to relate showed the audience they were in for an amazing ride for the next hour.
Touching on topics as diverse as Syria, his family, weed, his recent trouble with law enforcement, and just about everything in between, Katt had everyone rolling the entire time.
One of the very notable things about his show, is that there was no downtime.
for the entire hour and about ten minutes, his energy, and enthusiasm wore off on the crowd, and went by extremely fast.
With tons of physical humor to match the entirely new hour plus worth of material, the work Katt has put in to give us his best set of comedy, maybe ever, is paying off.
After wrapping the show with a “personal story” he left the stage to roaring applause.
Many in his backstage entourage, informed him of the HANA HOU chants that Hawaii is famous for. Katt then ran back out on stage graciously thanked everyone again, and then made his way out of the building.
A professional, a showman, a truly gifted comedian, these are thoughts that everyone we spoke to were left with, as the night came to an end.
Thanks to the Katt team, and Capone’s team for such a great night of comedy.
We look forward to the next one.


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