Lovable geek giant Brian Posehn returns to the stage in The Fartist, delving into topics such as being a
new dad, turning forty, and life on the road.

Posehn starts off riffing about quitting weed and fatherhood changing his approach to comedy. He calls
back to an old bit where he would let people punch his baby if be ever talked about parenting on stage. Of
course having a son made his opinion changed. Posehn also ponders what it will mean to be a nerdy dad
with an obsession with Star Wars.
Some of the most thorough stories are about getting older. Posehn gives painstaking detail about an
errant fart leaving a terrible first impression on Christian Slater and how certain body parts don’t work the
same way as before.
One of the best bits is how older gentlemen should tell random younger guys what will happen during the
aging process.
Another great bit is Posehn discussing how he handles married life while touring. Posehn discusses his
wife worry about him having affairs on the road. His punchline is both sweet and self-deprecating, hard
traits to meld yet Posehn pulls it off weell.
Longtime fans will notice much more mature material in The Fartist (no matter how oxymoronic that
sounds). Posehn still injects his nerdy, comic-book reading metalhead persona but each joke is more
grounded and understated than in previous specials.
New Wave Entertainment produced this special which is exclusive to Netflix. Posehn joins a short but
growing list of comedians–such as Bill Burr, Craig Ferguson, and Aziz Ansari–who have released
material through the streaming service. Considering the Netflix app’s popularity on Xbox 360, he could tap
into an entirely new generation of comedy fan who don’t remember “Just Shoot Me!”

Check out The Fartist now:

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