Podcast host Pete Holmes returns with another hour long special, Nice Try, The Devil.

Since his last outing, 2011’s Impregnated With Wonder, Holmes has gained more notoriety thanks to You Made It Weird, his podcast, and numerous appearances on the late-night talk-show circuit. If you haven’t seen him, he will definitely sound familiar as Holmes voice of the E-Trade baby. He also has written for television shows such as Outsourced on NBC and I Hate My Teenage Daughter on FOX.1258762

In the two years since Wonder, Holmes honed his laser-accurate observation skills to jazz up deceptively simple premises. Holmes has the first actually funny “cats and dogs are different” bit since the Reagan administration. People whose parents had cats (like Holmes’ and mine) will relate to how awkward it is not being used to dogs.

Holmes also discusses religion but not in the acerbic way of other comedians such as Doug Stanhope or Bill Maher. Holmes waxes about teetering between believer and skeptic and the validity of both mindsets, capping it off with a bit about masturbation and the Rature.

Even telemarketers, a target for comedians since the days of Hammer pants, make into a set recorded in 2013. But instead of the normal vitriol, Holmes suggests having fun with those calls. “If you don’t swear or threaten them, they can’t hang up!” may be the most freeing piece of advice a comic will ever dole out.

The thing about Holmes that grabs you is his geniune, tangible nice-guy persona. Some comics act happier or gloomier than their everyday mindset but Holmes, whether on stage, writing tweets, or posting Vine videos, seems to radiate a positive energy, which only adds to the appeal of his already strong material.

Fans of Holmes get see him even more thanks to The Pete Holmes Show, which debuts Monday, October 28 on TBS (Basic cable: Channel 28/Digital: Channel 553). The new talk show is produced by fellow TBS star and Massachusetts native Conan O’Brien.


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