Josh Gad Tapped to Play Kinison in new biopic

Sam Kinison will be getting the film version of his life’s story told in a new biopic to start filming soon. 

Still in the casting process, the star of the film will be comedy actor and stand up comic Josh Gad.

You may know Josh from his brief stint on the Daily Show, his starring role as Skip Gilchrist on 1600, or on Broadway starring in the tour de force, Book of Mormon.

A young star on the rise, Josh is poised to do great things in the world of comedy and acting. 

Kinison, will start in the Mid 80’s with Sam making the transition from Pentecostal preacher, to stand up comic, and continue to his untimely death in 1998.

The Biopic will be based on the book Brother Sam, written by Sam Kinison’s brother Bill Kinison. 

Widley considered a genious comic, and one of this authors comic inspirations, this film, which will be directed by Larry Charles, director of Borat, Bruno, and underground movies such as Masked Anonymous, is something I know the entire comedy world will be waiting to see.





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