Dallas Gwynn Comedy Spotlight!

Dallas Gwynn is Comedy with a PUNCH! Dallas Gwynn, Winner fo the Comedy bowl

A self described military brat from “all over” Dallas brings her experience to the stage, and leaves nothing out!

Winner of the Eugene OR. Funniest Female competition, and most recently Winner of the ComedyHawaii Comedy Bowl, watch out for this young star on the rise!

“I got into to comedy, after I was heartbroken from being dumped and I used it as a way to fight the depression”  -Dallas Gwynn

“I feel life is shitty a lot, and it would be really embarrassing, if I didn’t laugh at it, without comedy, I probably have to kill myself!”   -Dallas Gwynn

With her comedy all based in her everyday life, it’s easy to see why people feel a connection with her, and can’t stop laughing!

Already developing a strong following on the Hawaii Comedy scene, Dallas is poised to be the next big thing in Hawaii Comedy!

She describes her long term goals as “wanting to be able to super size it,” and “eventually getting a car”. Dallas Gwinn @bar7 comedy club

Dallas is the type of comedian who does this because she loves everything about it, from the people, to the venue’s and her fellow comics, Dallas is going to be rocking stages for a long time, and bringing a great show to everyone that is there to see it.

When asked if she had anything motivational to leave us with she had this to say,

” I am not really one of those inspirational comics, so just insert inspirational quote here.”

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