Wahts the grill with ROBERT MOXLEY


What the grill is the new Exciting show from comedian, and Foodie, Robert Moxley!
What the Grill Takes cooking, and convience and turns your ideas of it, UPSIDE DOWN!
Robert takes a simple everyday counter top grill and makes meals, that seem more like miracles!
From an entire Thanks Giving Dinner, to Eggs Benedict, or a traditional Italian meal, deconstructed,
WHAT THE GRILL, will have you learning,and saying, WHAT THE GRILL?!?!?!
Accomplished stand up comedian, Video game wizard, and self proclaimed George Forman grill Ninja, Robert will take you on a journey that is extreme, funny, and educational all without leaving the Kitchen!
If you or any of your friends live in a dorm, are in the military, or just want quick and easy ways to cook delicious gourmet food on your coutertop, then you just cant miss any amazing episodes of….



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